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Best and Amazing Philips LED Bulb in Affordable Price-2022


Philips LED Bulb

The Philips LED bulb is one of the most renowned names in the lighting market. People have full faith and trust in the Philips LED bulb. Day by day it is gaining more trust in the world of led lighting. Philips provides one of the highest quality led bulbs and fixtures as well. Philips comes with new technologies every time. The new Philips warm glow led bulb is a revolution. The warm glow-led bulb technology is found in some of the Philips-led bulbs. Philips led bulbs to come in different shapes and sizes. Philips bulb includes the following types of bulbs:

  • Philips A-Shaped LEDs
  • Philips BR30 LEDs
  • Philips BR40 LEDs
  • Philips PAR20
  • Philips PAR30
  • Philips LED tubes and many more

Philips India, recently won the contract to supply five crores LED  bulbs under the UJALA scheme. It is a government project which offers lightning in every part of India. After the boycott of china-made products in India, Philips India won the contract to supply five crores 9 watts led bulbs. The Indian government had implemented this scheme within 150 days for Rs 38 per bulb. 

Every year more than 425 million 60 watt incandescent led bulbs are sold in the United States. The Philips LED lights to represent 50% of the incandescent light bulb market. With the new led lighting technology, Philips bulb lasts 25 times longer than its century-old processor and saves up to 80% energy. The Philips led lights to come with a lot of advantages. Check out the given below advantages:

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Advantages of Philips LED bulbs

Different lighting themes

The smart Philips led bulb is WiFi-enabled, which gives you access to operate it from your smartphone. You can even change the colors of these 9w LED bulbs using the Wiz app. The lighting of these Philips LED bulbs stands out on every occasion whether it be a group party or a cozy dinner. 

Less Energy Consumption

The amazing feature of the Philips led bulb turns about 70% of the energy into light. This feature makes them much more efficient than other bulbs. A 6 watt led bulb produces more amount of light than a 40-watt incandescent bulb. The 9w LED bulb is lower in temperature and this makes them safer to operate. An incandescent bulb is much hotter than a normal led bulb. Incandescent bulbs are advised to make them reach out to children. They have also been known to catch fires if they accidentally come in contact with flammable materials. 

If you switch from a single 60 watt light bulb to a led bulb, it results in the reduction of approximately 160 kg of CO2 emissions per year. Replacing 10 lamps in your home with LEDs results in a reduction of 1599 kg CO2 emission. 

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Cool Daylight glow

Too much brightness can cause harm to the eyes, hence switching it with a 9 watt LED bulb from Philips is a wise decision. The Philip-led bulb comes with a lower flicker index and SVM of less than 1.3. The SVM does not cause any damage to the eyes. This too much amazing Philip-led light is totally an eye comfort thing, which comes with glare reduction technology. From studying to working, this led light stands out in every situation. 

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Long Life

The lifespan of a 9watt led bulb is way much more than the incandescent bulb. The components of a led bulb and the way of generating light extends their lifespan. The led bulb’s low heat level, durability, and energy efficiency make it stand out in every situation. An average led bulb lifespan is 5,000 hours which is more than an average rated incandescent bulb. Philip-led bulbs last for more than 25,000 hours. 

The filament, which is one of the most critical sections of a light bulb, often weakens with time, causing the bulb to burn out. However, unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs do not burn out; instead, the amount of light they emit declines with time, a process known as “lumen depreciation.” The average rated lifetime hour mentioned on the box is based on how long it takes for the lumen output of an LED bulb to fall by 30%, so if you don’t mind or notice the lower light, it will likely last longer than the average rated lifetime hour indicated on the box.

Directional lighting

The design of an led bulb makes them emit light in only one direction. This helps them to reduce their energy consumption to a maximum extent. This one-directional lighting helps in low wastage of lighting. Another advantage of this directional lighting makes LEDs ideal for different types of applications such as recessed downlights and task lighting. 

Instantaneous illumination

Is this something you’ve heard before? You switch on a light to seek for something, but it takes a few seconds before you see anything, or you find it before the bulb reaches its maximum light output. Unlike CFLs, which take a few minutes to warm up, LEDs are bright straight away when you turn on the switch.


  1. How long do Philips LED Bulbs last?

The Philips LED bulb lasts for 25,000 hours.

  1. Do lead bulbs flicker?

LED bulbs may flicker or dim sometimes because of voltage fluctuations in the wirings. Continuously turning electrical loads on and off creates a change in voltage levels, which eventually causes electrical lights to dim or flicker.

  1. Do Philips led lights use a lot of electricity?

In general, Philips LED lights use less electricity and last longer than an average incandescent or CFL bulb. 


We hope that you liked the article. The Philips LED lights are increasing their market day by day. The lighting of the 9 watts LED bulb is so amazing. It feels comfortable to the eyes and causes very low damage. The Philips bulb lasts longer than an average incandescent bulb. You can also connect your Philips led bulb with your smartphone and can change the color of your led bulb. If you want other updates related to led bulbs, stay connected with us.

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