Best MINISO Candle Wax Scented, Pack of 1, Vanila

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  • The Finest essential oil, inspired by warm vanila latte coffee.
  • Superior candle wick and wax and it gently flicker without producing hazardous black smoke.
  • Contains 150g of waxy contain, and its burning duration is 36 hours.
  • It gives Aromatherapy, creates mood, enhancing atmosphere-enhancing, and stress-relieving.
  • Packaged elegantly, an awesome gift for your friends, and especially for newlyweds and new homeowners.


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MINISO Candle Wax

Scent: A-Vanila

Scented candles help to brighten up your home while also brighten up your home decoration. Its lovely scents might help you to reduce stress and re-energize your senses. These are also ideal for your bedroom, bathroom, and living room.

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