Oppo vs Vivo Some Secrets About The Best Phone -2022

Which is best between Oppo and Vivo phone? | Oppo Vs Vivo Comparison

Which phone is best, Oppo vs Vivo Comparison (Which is best between Oppo and Vivo)? Today, I will tell you something about these two smartphones, which very few people know. Often people keep searching Vivo Mobile Price India 10000 to 15000 or Oppo Mobile Price India 10000 to 15000 on the Internet. But still, all the Smartphone Reviewer or Tech expert speak about these two smartphones. There is nothing special in Vivo and Oppo, and if Oppo vs Vivo Comparison is done, then both are almost the same. Vivo and Oppo are made only for the Camera, the game cannot be played, or the video cannot be seen on both these phones.

Oppo Vs Vivo Comparison:

There is hardly anyone in India who does not know about Vivo and Oppo Smartphones. If you go to any mobile shop, then you will definitely get to see the advertisement board of any one of them there. If we talk about Vivo, then this is the title sponsor of IPL 2017.


Both Oppo and Vivo smartphones are made by the same Chinese company BBK Electronics. The headquarters of both of them is in Dongguan, China. Only the names of these two are different; everything else is the same.

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Brand Value & Marketing Strategy:

The brand value of both Vivo and Oppo is almost the same, and the main target of both of them is the Camera. Both these Smartphones Influence the Customer through their Camera (Specially Sefli) and do more and more advertisements so that people are influenced by them. Vivo and oppo Camera & Advertising Marketing Strategy has been very effective. If we talk about the Offline Phone Market, then both these Smartphones are sold the most in India through Offline Market, a proverb is very famous in our country.

“What you see is what sells.”

This proverb is perfect for both these smartphones. Because Vivo or Oppo Smartphone will be found on all the mobile shops of India and also a big advertisement hoarding board.

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Which phone is best, Oppo vs Vivo.

Till now, it would not have seemed from anywhere that this is Oppo Vs Vivo Comparison. Because so far, Vivo and Oppo have not shown many differences, but now we will talk. The Specification, Quality and Price of these two will be understood then which is the best Smartphone between Oppo and Vivo.

Processor:- In the case of Mobile Processor, Vivo Smartphone is better than Oppo. Because Vivo Mobile always comes with Snapdragon Processor, whereas Oppo Phones always comes with MediaTek Processors. If Snapdragon Vs MediaTek Mobile Processor Comparison is made, then Snapdragon is more reliable than MediaTek.

Display & Design:- Oppo Smartphones are better in terms of Design and Display Comparison of Vivo Smartphones. If Vivo V5 and Oppo F1 Plus are compared, then Oppo gets AMOLED FDH display while Vivo gets IPS display. The Design of Oppo F1 Plus is also more attractive than Vivo V5.

Price & Battery:- Price is always more of Oppo Smartphone whereas Battery is better of Vivo. The price of the Vivo V5 is 16,999 and 3000mAh while Oppo F1 Plus gets a 2850mAh battery, and its price is Rs 19,950.

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Camera RAM & Storage:- All these features change according to the price; the more money you spend, you will get these three features better. The camera quality oppo is slightly better than Vivo’s camera quality, but RAM & storage is more available in Vivo in the same range of phones.

After seeing all the Oppo Vs Vivo Comparison and seeing all the popular features of these two, it must have been understood which is the best Smartphone between Oppo and Vivo. In my option, both phones are best for people in their respective fields.

Oppo Smartphone is for those who want to get the best Camera along with the best design phone. So it is good for such a customer, and if you want to get a good processor and performance phone along with a camera, Vivo is good for them.

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