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Ps4 Controller

The PlayStation controller is Sony Computer Entertainment’s first gamepad for their PlayStation home video game platform.

Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to controllers. Some people have enormous hands, while others have little hands, and some like a pro-standard gamepad while others prefer a more basic approach.

The Ultimate Ps4 Controller Checklist

If you are looking to buy PS4 controller, then you are in the right place. Continue reading to know more.

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1. VOYEE Upgraded PS4 controller

For racing and flight games, the VOYEE PS 4 Game controller has motion control for high-performance sensors.

Dual motors built-in, with rumble control based on the game situation, such as hit and collision.

The game’s possibilities are expanded with a multi-touch, clickable touchpad. It includes a built-in speaker for receiving sound in addition to gaming.

With this PS4 controller, you can share every beautiful moment of the game.

This PS 4 Game controller features two charging ports: one for a USB connection and one for an EXT interface.

This controller has a strong wireless range of around 33 feet, making it easy to play when sitting or lying down. The VOYEE PS4 controller price in India is 1899 rupees.

2. Sony DualShock 4 Wireless PS4 Controller

The greatest PS 4 controller on the market. The built-in touchpad on the Sony PS 4 Game controller now displays the unique light bar, allowing for more precise control and adding an extra dimension to your games.

It contains a share button, which allows you to capture and share your best moments with the touch of a button.

The built-in speaker on the Sony PS4 controller allows you to hear every boom, crash, and blast from your headphones.

It detects motion using motion sensors such as a very sensitive built-in accelerometer and gyroscope.

You may charge the controller’s internal battery from your PS4 USB port while you’re playing. Sony Ps 4 controller price in India comes in every range. 

3. Plug in Dualshock 4 Wireless v2 Gaming controller

The ergonomic controller has great sensitivity and an optimized gamepad button with a superb dual analog joystick design, which lowered response time and enhanced accuracy at vital moments.

Vibration and audio jack for a more immersive gaming experience. This PS 4 controller is made of a non-slip material that is long-lasting and anti-sweat.
It includes a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery that takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge and can be driven for around 6-8 hours after that, allowing you to play the game without interruption. The price of Ps4 in India is very much affordable.

4. Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller

For the dedicated gamer, this is the greatest Ps 4 controller. Audio and conversation are supported in both wireless and wired modes.

With the integrated light bar that flashes with various colors depending on in-game events, you can see even more of your games.

The asymmetric sticks on this officially licensed wireless PS4 game controller are the favored alternative of true gamers.

It contains a USB dongle for Bluetooth communication and a rechargeable battery.

Aside from all of this, it offers a battery level indicator button that allows you to check the battery level without interrupting your game.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited PS4 pro price in India is Rs. 4146 and has a 4 rating out of 5 stars.

5. Razer Raiju Ultimate Wireless PS4 Controller

For pros, this is the greatest PS4 controller. It contains a Quick Control Panel that allows you to quickly access a variety of tasks, such as switching between profiles and setting game volume and mic mute.

This PS4 controller has a total of four Multi-Function Buttons—two bumpers on the shoulders and two removable triggers on the underside—each of which can be remapped to any other controller action, giving you complete control over your winning setup.

It includes a well-designed touchpad that remains comfortable to use even during the most heated bouts. The price of the PS4 controller in India is 14,999 rupees.

6. Sony Playstation 4 Dualshock Controller

This generation of play is defined by the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PS4, which combines new features and comfort with intuitive, precision controls.

With improved analog sticks and trigger buttons, you can maneuver with unrivaled precision. In terms of units sold, the DualShock is the best-selling gamepad of all time, excluding bundled controllers.

The Dualshock 4 controller has an inbuilt LED bar that changes colors depending on what you’re doing in the game.

It’s small, features a motion sensor, and a built-in speaker. It has a 4.4 global rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and you can buy PS4 controller at Rs. 9,990.

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Q1. Why is the PS4 controller so expensive?

Ans. The cost of the controls is primarily due to their characteristics or the material from which they are produced. Long-term use of older controllers caused the rubber on the thumbsticks to wear out.

The thumbsticks are more durable and provide a smoother feel with the newest PS4 controller. The touchpad in previous versions was occasionally incorrect.

Q2. Can I use a ps5 controller on ps4?

Ans. The short answer is that a PS5 controller will not work with a PS4.  However, there is a solution for fans that insist on utilizing their dual sense with the PS 4.

The PS 4 may be operated remotely using a dual sense controller attached to the computer via USB once the connection has been established.

Q3. Does the PS4 controller Work on pc? 

Ans. A micro USB cable can be used to connect your PS4 controller to a computer. If your computer has Bluetooth, you can link and connect the controller wirelessly.


We hope that you liked this article. The PS4 controller is a wireless gamepad that may be used to play games.

With the PS Remote Play app, you may use your wireless controller to play games streamed from your PS4 console to a compatible device.

There is numerous PS4 controller available, each with its own set of features and costs.

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