Best Bajaj Ceiling Fan | Bajaj Frore Bianco Ceiling Fan, Brown-2022

Bajaj Ceiling Fan

  • It comes with a 1200mm sweep, 56W power, & air delivery is 205CMM.
  • Bajaj Ceiling Fan: It comes with a double ball bearing that is helpful to increase load-bearing capacity & durability.
  • It has a quick start high torque motor that gives quick comfort by achieving high-performance instantly.
  • Its ribbed blades are helpful to enhance blades’ stability.
  • It comes with 56 watts of power.


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Bajaj Ceiling Fan

Color: Brown, Style: Ceiling Fan

Fan with a high rotational speed
When you switch on the high-speed working fan, it quickly cools to room temperature. With its high-speed breeze, the fan provides a relaxing sensation.

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