Best Little’s Baby Pants Diapers and 12 Hrs Absorption, (Small 4 – 8 kg, 168 Count)

Baby Pants

  • Absorption protection for up to 12 hours aids in uninterrupted sleep for both the infant and you.
  • Adl technology uniformly distributes fluid and reduces weight.
  • When the wetness indicator changes from yellow to blue, it’s time to change the diaper.
  • Leakage protection is provided by trickle side cuffs.
  • Its skin-friendly, breathable material prevents rashes.
  • Your kid will be comfy at all times thanks to the soft cotton pants.
  • The front side indicator ensures that your infant is properly fitted.


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Little’s Baby Pants

Baby Pants

Little’s comfortable baby pants are pull-up diapers in the pant design. These diapers help in quick absorption and come with the right fitment to keep your baby active during the day and up to 12 hours of absorption protection ensures prolonged dryness to help your baby sleep uninterrupted during the night.

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