Buy Best HP Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Desktop)-2022

HP Keyboard and Mouse Combo

3 Button Rubber Grip Mouse- This HP Keyboard and Mouse comes with a three-button mouse to help you get more work done. It features a 1200 dpi resolution and is sensitive on most surfaces. This mouse has rubber side handles that are comfortable to hold in addition to easy scrolling.

Spill-Resistant Design- The spill-resistant hp keyboard that comes with this package is included. This means that if a liquid spills on the keyboard’s surface unintentionally, it is unlikely to cause substantial damage to its functionality.

Full-Size Keyboard- The alphabetic keys, function keys, and arrow keys are all present on this full-size keyboard from HP. The built-in number pad makes accounting work easy.


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HP Keyboard and Mouse Combo

  • HP Desktop C2500 Combo Combines the Elements You Need in One Package
  • The Cable Length: 1.5 meters, Interface Type: USB for this keyboard and mouse.
  • With spill-resistant construction and adjustable feet, you can count on improved and updated features.

  • With the HP Desktop C2500, you can accomplish more. The use of three indicator lights eliminates the need for guesswork. Calculations and data entry is made easier with the built-in number pad. The keys on a full-size keyboard are placed where your fingers anticipate them to be.
  • Quiet keystrokes eliminate clattering while typing. Plus, plug-and-play USB connects instantly.
  • Description of the connector: USB
  • Without Stand Dimensions (W x D x H): Keyboard: 440 x 151 x 250 mm; Mouse: 112 x 61 x 35.45 mm

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