Buy Indian Musical Instruments, Manjeera Traditional Instrument Indian Music Dia: 4.1″, Folk and Devotional

buy indian musical instruments

  • Percussion instrument from India
  • Made in high quality
  • The diameter of each cymbal 3.5 inches
  • Attached with a cotton thread cord


Buy Indian Musical Instruments

buy indian musical instruments

The manjira is a traditional shock instrument of Bharat India. In its simplest form, it is a pair of small hand symbols. They often accompany folk or devotional buy Indian musical instruments.

It is used in different religious ceremonies of India, especially bhajans.

The manjira is an ancient instrument. Pictures of it have been found in temples dating back to the earliest times. Manjira is usually made of bronze, brass, copper-zinc, or Bell metal and connected with a cotton cord that passes through holes in their center.

They produce a rhythmic tinkling sound when struck at one time. The sound’s pitch varies according to the size, weight, and material of their construction.

A player can also adjust the timbre by varying the point of contact while playing.

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