Dholak Online Buy, Handmade Wood Dholak Indian Folk Musical Instrument Drum Nuts and Bolts, Best Deal 2020

dholak online

  • percussion instrument, high-pitched sound
  • Easy to learn and Play Dholak
  • Can make up your own band or orchestra
    Great Quality for best sound and pitch effect


Dholak Online Buy, Handmade Wood Dholak Indian Folk Musical Instrument

dholak online

Good Looking Indian Handmade Wooden Hand Made Dholak This Dholak Also Called Dhool In The Netherlands Is A South Asian Two-Headed Hand-Drum With Nuts And Bolts (Adjustable Bolts For Setting The Pitch And The Tones).

The Dholak Is Made From Sheesham Wood And Will Allow A Great Vibrant Sound Pitch.

This Is Mainly A Folk Instruments, Surface Of

The Dholak Is Made Of Goat Skins For Sharp Notes And The Bigger Surface Is Made Of Buffalo Skin For Low Pitches, Which Permits A Combination Of Bass And Treble With Rhythmic High And Low Pitches.

The Drum Is Pitched, Depending On Sizes, With An Interval Of Maybe A Perfect Fourth Or Perfect Fifth Between The Two Heads.

dholak online

Dholak Is Used In Traditional N Classical Music But With the Passage Of Time, This Has Became A Must To Have Instrument In All Kinds Of Musics And Bands.

Above This, This Instrument Is Widely Used In Marriages And Other Ceremonial Functions In Many Parts Of The World. On One Hands, It Is One Of The Best Indian Popular Musical Instruments But Due To Its Artistic Values, It Makes A Beautiful Decorative Item As Well As.

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