Best Amkette iGrip Tuff Pro Dashboard and Windshield Car Mobile Holder for All Smartphones – 360 Degree Rotation

Car Mobile Holder

  • This car mount is a strong & safe phone holder that is designed to be used on all surfaces from car dashboards & windshields to your desk and kitchen tops. You can use it in landscape and portrait. Always be careful to keep your eyes on the road.
  • It has a sticky gel-based suction surface to protect any air gaps when mounted that make sure a surface strong grip on practically any surface. It is for ideal usage that provides a smooth & clean surface is suggested.
  • For textured surfaces such as dashboards and desks, it has included a dashboard mounting pad. You can mount your phone within your reach, without any trouble.
  • It is made up of premium materials like polycarbonate plastic or powerful metal springs. So mount your phone without any worry and easily.


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Car Mobile Holder

Car Mobile Holder
Car Mobile Holder

It is simple, compact, secure, and protect. It is perfect for mount your car. It is made with the strongest metal springs, simple, and a uniquely compact design. It’s always safe your phone.

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