Buy Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS, 1500 W Online at Best Price

  • It has a maximum of 3 different amazing features automatic cutoff, 360-degree swivel cord and the last is single-touch lid locking.
  • It comes with 230V and the wattage is 1500W. It has also a heating element.
  • Its power is 1500 watts, its capacity is 1.5L, and it’s made with stainless steel and it has concealed elements.
  • Don’t leave the appliance unattended and don’t lift the kettle from the base during the unit is on.
  • It has a large opening at the top to provide easy access to the smooth, seamless stainless steel interior for the simple cleaning of mineral deposits.
  • It has a power indicator light that turns on at the time that water starts to boil & turns off automatically after the boiling. It has a water level indicator that enables you to easily measure the amount of water you need.
  • It contains the main unit, user manual, prestige electric kettle that is 1.5L.
  • It has 19cm * 18.5cm *21 cm product dimension and weight is 0.75kg.


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Electric Kettle

Color: Black

It secures a quick seal to protect steam escaping & boiling water. It has a single-touch lid locking mechanism. It saves energy.

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