Johnson Baby Lotion: Johnson’s CottonTouch Newborn Baby Lotion, 500ml, Made With Natural Cotton For Baby’s Delicate Skin

Johnson Baby Lotion

  • This baby lotion is ideal to keep the newborn baby’s skin soft, smooth & nourished.
  • It is specially designed for newborn babies blended with cotton.
  • It is designed to give pleasant care to a new baby’s skin. Its PH is balanced and perfect for baby skin use. It is totally irritation and dryness-free. Baby Johnson gives your baby’s skin soft and gentle touch.
  • It gives nourishes from day one, it moisturized the baby’s skin & absorbs quickly. It lasts up to 24 hours & keeps your baby’s skin soft and nourished.
  • It is designed for newborn babies’ skin irritation-free and delicate skin.
  • It is appropriate for winter and summer both. It also provides cottony touch.
  • It is made up of enjoyable fragrance and it is proven that makes the baby happy.
  • It is ideal for 0-6 months.


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Johnson Baby Lotion

Johnson Baby Lotion

It provides the baby’s skin soft and cottony touch & also nourishes the baby’s skin. It has hypoallergenic, and it is free from parabens, sulfates, and dyes.

It is clinically proven to be soft and light on newborn skin. It is appropriate for dry skin and also for summer and winter in both.

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