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Parachute Oil For Hair

Parachute Oil For Hair: Quantity: 250ml and 75ml; Item Form: Oil

Parachute Oil For Hair: Helps to fix harmed hair, by turning around upto 50 percent of inside basic harm, in a solitary application; Aloe vera advanced coconut Hair Oil gives a defensive layer, keeping hair strands saturated, supported and profoundly adapted from inside, making them gentler

Parachute Oil For Hair: Grows hair multiple times quicker in only multi month making hair longer and thicker

Parachute Oil For Hair: This hair development oil supports hair at most profound level creation hair feel touchable delicate and smooth

Parachute Body Lotion: Parachute Advance Body Lotion has novel Cocolipid Formula which goes 10 layers somewhere down in the skin to help your normal gleam

Parachute Body Lotion: Non-clingy quick retaining recipe with remarkable dampness lock innovation that forestalls dampness misfortune not at all like some different creams which are just occulent

Parachute Body Lotion: Enriched with Coconut Milk, a dampness rich marvel fixing, feeds the skin making it delicate and graceful throughout the day

Parachute Body Lotion: Ideal for typical to dry skin

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Parachute Oil For Hair Aloe Vera Enriched & Parachute Body Lotion Soft Touch

Style Name: Advansed Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil | Design: Aloe Coconut Hair Oil + Advansed Body Lotion

Parachute Oil For Hair

Love gives you to be delicate. Give your hair the affection it merits with parachute propelled aloe vera coconut hair oil. With the strength of coconut oil and the non-abrasiveness of aloe experience, the hair feels like silk. Its supporting coconut oil makes your hair solid, and the aloe vera separates help keep it delicate.

Haircare tip normally rubs on the scalp and apply over the length of the hair till tip for best outcomes. Parachute propelled aloe vera enhanced coconut hair oil for more grounded, milder, and silkier hair.

Parachute progressed by Marico represents care, nurturance, and magnificence, and attempts to satisfy the requirements of its bunch buyers through different contributions in the portfolio spreading over hair care.

Parachute progressed brings the coconut oil in numerous variations ayurvedic gold oil, propelled hair oil, propelled jasmine hair oil, and progressed hot oil.

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Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Soft Touch, 400 ml

Parachute Body Lotion

Parachute Advanced Soft Touch body moisturizer is created for typical to dry skin, giving ultra-rich hydration. ‘Delicate Touch’ is unadulterated heaven improved with Coconut Milk for sustained, satiny skin. Feel the enchantment of the salve as it abandons a delicate skin with a mellow scent.

It’s light, the non-clingy plan is immediately consumed by your skin – keeping it delicate, smooth, and supported from inside. Loaded up with the integrity of coconut, a dampness-rich marvel fixing, and 100% common moisturizers*, here’s a salve that gives you sparkling skin to hang out in whatever you want to wear this season !! Creams from characteristic assets.

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