Handi: Buy Best Classic Essentials Stainless Steel Handi, 10Pcs

• Content & Storage: Storage of each is 400 ml, 500 ml, 800 ml, 1050 ml, 1700 ml with cover and 5 Serving spoon.
• It’s for serving purpose not for cooking; Not induction friendly; Not non-stick.
• All objective serving handi with lid Aesthetic design with mirror polish steel finishing.
• Made from 202 non magnetic stainless steel.
• Stainless steel interline won’t change the taste of food or corrode due to acids present in foods.
• Diameters, Height and Weight of Handis: 1700 ml (Diameter: 20cm, Height: 9.5cm, Weight: 260g), 1050 ml (Diameter: 18cm Height: 8.5cm, Weight: 212g ), 800 ml (Diameter: 16cm, Height: 7.5cm, Weight: 190g), 500 ml (Diameter: 14cm, Height: 6.5cm, Weight: 155g), 400 ml (Diameter:12cm, Height:5.5cm, Weight:143g)



Stainless Steel Handi


Color Name: Blue
An essential Indian dinner ware to present Indian foods like curries, daal, biryani condiments for authentic Indian dining experience. Stainless steel lining won not change the taste of food or scrap due to acids in foods. Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce the look of this product but there may be up to 5 percent variation in the colors and design of the actual product received due to varied screen good resolution or lighting at time of digital photography.

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