SupCares Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M30S at Best Price

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Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy

• Created from japanese asahi glass, the treated glass gives you solid clearness, keeps from scratches, finger marks and different harms with no misfortune in contact affectability. It is likewise extreme and tough.
• Security with 9h hardness : the safety glass has a surface hardness of 9h. In examination, a precious stone has a surface hardness of 10h. The surface hardness for how much weight a treated glass can take before it get harmed.
• No air pocket establishment : made with nippa japanses stick, the treated glass ensure a clean and no air pocket establishment at your cell phone
• Scratch resistant : nano primer coating and oleo phobic coating provides excellent strength to make sure 100% scratch proof tempered glass

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

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Tempered Glass Samsung

Tempered Glass

SupCares Premium Tempered Glass is produced using Japanese Asahi Glass and accompanies a smirch evidence covering and Round Edge on account of this you will get a completely clear perspective on your screen without the problem of air pockets or residue disrupting the general flow.

The SupCares Premium Tempered handled shield gives broad security from outside harms and scratches including sharp articles like blades and keys.

Furthermore, its laser cut for an ideal fit. Oleo phobic covering and the 9H hardness together forestall Most scratches, smircesh and fingerprints and This Makes a Best Tempered Glass for Your Smart Phone.

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