what is computer

Computer Basics| What is a Computer? | 12 Advantage of Computer

Q. What is a Computer?

What is Computer: Computer is an electronic device that is intended to work with details.

The period computer is derived from the Latin expression ‘compute’, this means to calculate or programmable machine.

what is computer

Who invented the computer?

The second question after what is computer? is who invented the computer?

Charles Babbage is known as the “Grand Father” of the computer.

The First mechanical computer structured by Charles Babbage was called the Analytical Engine. It uses read-just memory in the form of punch cards.

The computer is a progressed electronic device that accepts raw information as a contribution from the user and processes these data under the control of a set of directions (called program) and gives the outcome (output) and saves output for future use.

It can process both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) computations.

I hope you understand what is a computer.

Let’s start learning some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of computers.

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of our Computer Education. So let us look at it out some of the information individually.

what is computer

Some of the Advantage of Computer Education:

  1. What is a computer: Computer helps in the storage of information in schools and universities.
  2. What is a computer: Computer give Quick information processing is possible with the help of a computer which plays an important role in education.
  3. What is a computer: Computer Better introduction of data in schools and colleges is possible using computers to improve education.
  4. What is a computer: Computer also helps to access the Internet to get more information from the world.
  5. What is a computer: Computer Now per days, Quick communication is possible between guardians, teachers, and students with the help of computers.
  6. What is a computer: Computer permits students to learn advanced concepts easily and effectively.
  7. What is a computer: Computer give Audio-Visual aids. An easy and effective way to profit knowledge with the help of computers.
  8. What is a computer: Computer with fresh advancement in the education industry, schools and colleges started using computer technology for effective learning.
  9. What is a computer: Computer also permits teachers to share ideas as well as resources online using computer network.
  10. What is a computer: Computer help Online learning is now possible with the help of the internet & computer, which reform education in the world.
  11. What is a computer: A computer can be seen in schools and colleges which help students and teachers to reform education.
  12. What is a computer: Computer enhances classroom knowledge by incorporating audiovisual media.

Some of the Disadvantage of Computer Education:

  1. Some children live more and more time in playing computer games which may affect education.
  2. They also inactive their time in watching movies or videos on computer.
  3. With the excessive use of computer, Students wants the verbal as well as non verbal skills which is very important for the development of social and emotional skills.
  4. Session in front of a computer for a long time may affect the eyes and health of a student which may indirectly affect education.
  5. High infrastructure cost, electricity cost and other extra price may increase by purchasing computer.
  6. Divestment to inappropriate content is possible on social sites which may have privative impact on students as well as education.

Generations of Computer

what is computer


A computer is an electronic device control data or information. It can store, recover, and process information.

These days, a computer can be used to type reports, send emails, play games, and browse the Web. It can likewise be used to edit or make spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.

But the evolution of this complex system begins around 1940 with the first Generation of Computer and evolving ever forward.

There are five generations of computers.


• Introduction:

  1. 1946-1959 is the duration of first generation computer.
  2. J.P.Eckert and J.W.Mauchy discover the first successful electronic computer called ENIAC, ENIAC stands for “Electronic Numeric Integrated And Calculator”.

• Few Examples are:

  1. ENIAC
  2. EDVAC
  4. IBM-701
  5. IBM-650

What are the Advantages of Computer first Generation?

• Advantages:

  1. It builds up from vacuum tubes which are the only electronic component available during those days.
  2. These computers could calculate in million per seconds.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer first Generation?

• Disadvantages:

  1. These were very large in size, weight was about 30 tones.
  2. These computers were depending on vacuum tubes.
  3. These computers were very high costly.
  4. It could store only a small amount of data due to the presence of magnetic drums.
  5. As the discovery of first generation computers involves vacuum tubes, so another disadvantage of these computers was, vacuum tubes require a large cooling systems.
  6. Very less work capacity.
  7. Limited programming storage and punch cards were used to take inputs.
  8. Large amount of energy expenditure.
  9. Not faithful and constant maintenance is required.


• Introduction:

  1. 1959-1965 is the period of second-generation computer.
  2. Second generation computers were depend on Transistor instead of vacuum tubes.

• Few Examples are:

  1. Honeywell 400
  2. IBM 7094
  3. CDC 1604
  4. CDC 3600
  5. UNIVAC 1108 … many more

What are the Advantages of Computer second Generation?

• Advantages:

  1. Due to the attendance of transistors instead of vacuum tubes, the size of electron component decreased. This resulted in shortage the size of a computer as compared to first generation computers.
  2. Less energy and not produce as much warm as the first generation.
  3. Assembly programming and punch cards were used for input.
  4. Low price than first generation computers.
  5. Good speed, calculate data in microseconds.
  6. Good portability as compared to first generation.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer second Generation?

• Disadvantages:

  1. A cooling system was required.
  2. Constant maintenance was required.
  3. Only used for specific purposes.


• Introduction:

  1. 1965-1971 is the duration of third generation computer.
  2. These computers were depending on Integrated circuits.
  3. IC was discovering by Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby In 1958-1959.
  4. IC was a singular component containing number of transistors.

• Few Examples are:

  1. PDP-8
  2. PDP-11
  3. ICL 2900
  4. IBM 360
  5. IBM 370
    … and many more

What are the Advantages of Computer third Generation?

• Advantages:

  1. These computers were give-away as compared to second-generation computers.
  2. They were warm and reliable.
  3. Use of Integrated Chip in the computer provides the small size of the computer.
  4. Integrated Chip not only decreases the size of the computer but it also improves the performance of the computer as compared to previous computers.
  5. This generation of computers has large storage capacity.
  6. Instead of punch cards, mouse and keyboard are used for input device.
  7. They used an operating system for good resource management and used the concept of time-sharing and multiple programming language.
  8. These computers decrease the computational time from microseconds to nanoseconds.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer third Generation?

• Disadvantages:

  1. Integrated Chips are difficult to maintain.
  2. The overmuch sophisticated technology required for the manufacturing of Integrated Chips.
  3. Air conditioning is expected.


• Introduction:

  1. 1971-1980 is the duration of fourth generation computer.
  2. This technology is depending on Microprocessor.
  3. A microprocessor is applied in a computer for any logical and arithmetic function to be performed in any program.
  4. Graphics User Interface (GUI) technology was absorbed to offer more comfort to users.

• Few Examples are:

  1. IBM 4341
  2. DEC 10
  3. STAR 1000
  4. PUP 11
    … And many more

What are the Advantages of Computer fourth Generation?

• Advantages:

  1. Fastest in computation and size get decreased as compared to the previous generation of computer.
  2. Heat generated is insignificant.
  3. Small in size as compared to past generation computers.
  4. Less maintenance is expected.
  5. All types of high-level language can be applied in this type of computers.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer fourth Generation?

• Disadvantages:

  1. The Microprocessor design and fabrication are very complicated.
  2. Air conditioning is expected in many cases due to the presence of Integrated Chips.
  3. Advance technology is required to make the Integrated Chips.


• Introduction:

  1. The period of the fifth generation in 1980-onwards.
  2. This generation is based on artificial intelligence.
  3. The main purpose of the fifth generation is to make a device which could respond to natural language input and are capable of learning and self-organization.
  4. This generation is depends on ULSI(Ultra Large Scale Integration) processing wait upon in the structure of microprocessor chips having ten million electronic component.

• Few Examples are:

  1. Desktop
  2. Laptop
  3. Note Book
  4. Ultra Book
  5. Chrome Book
    … And many more

• Advantages:

What are the Advantages of Computer fifth Generation?

  1. It is more reliable and works faster.
  2. It is available in different sizes and unique features.
  3. It supplies computers with more user-friendly interfaces with multimedia features.

What are the Disadvantages of Computer fifth Generation?

• Disadvantages:

  1. They need very low-level languages.
  2. They may make the human brains dull and doomed.

Best Computer Professional Courses after 12th for Every Student

what is computer

Given the dreadful boom in the details innovation sector over the most recent years and India’s present status as a software superpower, a job as a technology professional is between the most preferred career options for the young people of today.


It is no secret that technology plays a huge role in the running of around every business today. According to Nasscom estimates, the USD 153 bn Indian IT-BPM industry is well on its way to contact the USD 350bn mark by 2025.

Exports from India’s IT-BPM sector are also slated to proceed at approx. 7-8% (excluding fluctuations in exchange rates).
The domestic market is required to follow suit, growing at an impressive 10-11%, adding approximately 130,000-150,000 employment chances this year alone.

For students who require making the future towards a career in this interesting domain, there is no dearth of short-term computer-related courses or diploma computer courses that can help you get started in the right deposit.

Most short-term courses have a duration of between 3-6 months or less (in some cases), depending on the course materials. On the successful finishing of which, each student is awarded a diploma or certification, as the case may be.

So here’s a list of best computer courses after 12th that you can consider chase to prepare yourself for a rewarding career.

Computer Hardware Repairing/Maintenance

What is a computer ?

Computers can magnificence optimally only as long as its software is updated and hardware is in good working condition. But just as the software requires to be updated continuously, computer hardware is also disposed to developing faults and minor/major niggles.

As the name suggests, these job screen computer courses are related to maintaining/repairing the computer hardware (external computer components viz. monitor, CPU, mouse, printer, etc.).

Students who enroll in this course are trained in the repair and maintenance of computer hardware.

For those also ready on networking, there are also courses available that suggest topics related to both hardware and networking. A possible job option here includes;
• Computer Engineer (with a hardware company)
• Computer service technician
• Hardware & Networking Executive



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Taking advantage of the growing demand, there are thousands of such institutes working together in the country presently, but not all of them are certified or recognized. So kindly exercise extreme caution.

Also do make sufficient requests about related issues like – the institute’s acknowledgment status, fee structure, subjects covered, quality of the workforce, and labs.

Confirm your admission simply after you have ensured the institute is above board on all of the parameters mentioned above. Last however not the least, do remember to check and verify its placement record if finding a job post the completion of the course is your quick need.

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