Best CCTV Camera Price | Zinq Technologies 12V 2A UPS For Router with Up to 4 Hours Power Backup

  • Smart Charging – When the power is on, the UPS   smart battery management system automatically charges, and during power outages, the UPS automatically switches to battery mode.
  • Backup up to 4 hours – The UPS provides your WiFi or ADSL router seamless power backup for up to 4 hours.
  • Easy installation: It’s DIY friendly because it can be installed within only 30 seconds.
  • Product Certification: BIS certified, consumer-grade CE, RoHS are all certified.
  • There are four connectors are included, 2 are for input, and 2 are for output. CCTV Camera Price in budget.


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Best CCTV Camera Price- Zinq Technologies

Uninterrupted Internet – There’s a lot that happens goes on  Wi-Fi.

Zing UPS ensures that all of your activities are uninterrupted and gives you complete freedom from power outages, whether you work, play, or shop.

Whether you live in an apartment and have a two-minute delay for the community power backup to kick in, or you have that independent house where you need a power backup for a longer period of time, Zing UPS comes in handy, and most importantly without any disturbing sound. CCTV Camera Price in Budget


  • High compatibility, suited for the majority of digital items available.
  • USB output, which is used as a standard power bank for digital products like smartphones and ipads.
  • DC output, used for a router, modem, IP cameras, and safety cameras for home use, etc.


  • Dimensions: 160×105×28mm(6.3” × 4.1” × 1.1”)
  • 0.60kg net weight
  • Maximum Power: 12 Volts

The battery is built-in.

  • Type of battery: Li-ion
  • 6000mAH battery capacity
  • Overload protection and short-circuit protection both are present.

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