Buy Best Himalaya Baby Diapers Pants, Medium, (54 Count & Himalaya Baby Massage Oil – 200ml)

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  • The soft, easy-to-wear design provides care and comfort for your baby; a silky tender inner layer for delicate and soft skin.
  • Breathable fabric allows for optimal air circulation, while leakproof soft elastic borders keep the contents from leaking out.
  • A layer of superabsorbent polymer (SAP): Quickly absorbs multiple wettings and provides maximum dampness protection.

Himalaya Baby Diapers

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  • Herbal vegetable oil with medicinal properties
  • Ashvagandha: Helps to even out skin tone.
  • Free from mineral oils and animal fats, common agents of rashes and allergies
  • Clinically shown to be gentle on your child’s skin.


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Himalaya Baby Diapers

Himalaya Baby Total Care Pants Information: Powered by Natural Anti-Rash Shield: Yashad Bhasma (Zinc Oxide) and Indian Aloe (which prevent the risk of diaper rash) Your baby will be cared for.

A layer of superabsorbent polymer (SAP): Quickly absorbs multiple wettings and provides maximum dampness protection.

Indicator of moisture: When the baby wets the diaper, it becomes green. Allows for a pleasant and comfortable night’s sleep by keeping the baby’s skin dry.

Promotes Baby’s General Growth with Himalaya Baby Massage Oil (200ml)

With the Himalaya Herbals baby massage oil 200 ml, you can help your child’s overall growth and development. This Himalaya Herbal oil will nourish, protect, and soften your baby’s skin with olive oil and winter cherry extracts.

Your baby’s skin will be protected from chafing because of the olive oil content, which is enhanced with Vitamin E.

This oil also aids in the strengthening of your baby’s nails as well as the smoothing of his or her cuticles.

This Himalaya baby massage oil, which is enriched with winter cherry, has a calming effect on your baby and also helps to improve the skin tone of your child.

Your Baby’s Skin Should Be Healthy and Glowing

This Himalayan massage oil will make your baby’s skin glowing and healthy. This mild massage oil has been clinically tested and is safe to use on newborns.

You can use this mild oil to massage your infant before bath time or to moisturize his or her skin afterward.

Massage this Himalaya baby oil into your child’s skin at least half an hour before bath time for optimal benefits. Use this oil for the baby on a regular basis to prevent skin dryness.

Age range: newborn to adult

Olive oil and winter cherry extracts are included.

Content: 200 ml Clinically proven to be mild.

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