Best Baby MamyPoko Pants With Extra Absorb Diaper, (Small size 4 – 8 kg, 126 Count)

MamyPoko Pants

  • It has flexible thigh support that eliminates thigh gaps and thereby leaks.
  • It contains a crisscross absorbent layer that absorbs and distributes 7 glasses of urine equally.
  • Because of its crisscross absorbent covering, the diaper does not become heavy because pee does not collect in one area.
  • Its breathable cotton cover prevents stuffiness even with prolonged use
  • It has cute Poko chan patterns on it.
  • It is simple to put on.
  • It’s critical to select the correct diaper size based on the baby’s weight. The diaper capacity varies from baby to baby depending on urine volume and posture.


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MamyPoko Pants


MamyPoko pants are exceptionally absorbent and have a crisscross absorbent material that collects 7 glasses of urine and distributes it evenly, eliminating the risk of heaviness.

Its elastic thigh support reduces leaking by preventing gaps between the diaper and the baby’s thigh.

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