Buy Best Mobile Tripod stand and Holder Help For Online Classes Table Bed Youtuber Video Recording Suitable for All Smartphones-2021

  • This Tripod Mobile Stand Supported All Smartphones.
  • Compatible Smartphone devices.
  • Tripod Form Factor.
  • A Special feature of this stand is its Height and Adjustable Design.


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Tripod stand

Height Adjustable – The tabletop microphone erects from the pedestal. With its help, we can increase its height from 10.6” to 13.8”.There is a clamp for tightening to avoid is slipping.

Solid Round Base Plate – With non-slip rubber, it prevents your device from slipping, and balances with fixtures.

The Lock knob of the tabletop microphone comes with a screw-in style stand that is quite tight and safe, ensuring that it does not slip and remains at the same height.

360° Adjustable – You can comfortably rotate the phone holder with 360°. It is also easy to pack after use and take it wherever you want to go.

Stable Phone Stand – This phone holder app is one of the best stability data stands that you can keep your hands free while recording videos.

With ease, it is also possible to make live videos without any trills. The inner diameter is 5.7 cm, one of the sides can be extended to a maximum of 9 cm. It is suitable for smartphone width between 5.7cm-9cm.

Easy To Carry – The cell phone stand is compact and saves space. Due to its small size, you can also keep it in your pocket.

When the product is placed on the stand, you can attach the charging cable.

You can also use it while charging.

Excellent Stability & Superior Quality – The clamp part is made of ABS material. Which protects your device and prevents scratches because its clamped part remains in the touch of the smartphone.

Adjustable height and angle of your choice- This allows you to raise your desktop mobile stand from 23cm to 33cm. Easy to move to 360 degrees and adjust in all directions.

With the help of a mobile stand, you can use your mobile phone vertically and horizontally at your convenience.

You can easily carry it anywhere like bedroom, kitchen, office, online classes, school work, etc. With the help of this stand, you can watch movies comfortably.

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