Best Mouth Organ, Harmonica Key-C 24 Holes 48 Tones With Scale Changer,Gift For Your Loved

mouth organ

  • 24 Holes
  • 48 Tones
  • Chromatic Harmonica
  • With Scale Changer


Mouth Organ, Harmonica Key-C 24 Holes 48 Tones With Scale Changer

mouth organ

This harmonica has 24 holes and a total of 48 tones with a button-activated slides lever/bar used for playing semi-tones (sharps and flats). Simple to play.

With this harmonica, you can basically play all the common songs and hymns. This harp can be used for any style, including Celtic, classical, jazz, or blues (commonly in the third position).

This chromatic harmonica has a full, rich, and beautiful sound. It is in the key of “C”.

It was personally selected for its best quality and durability. It is crafted with lightweight construction including metal covers, brass reed plates, and a plastic comb.

mouth organ

Features 8 inch (20 cm) length, metal construction, copper, 24 holes in double row, tower pattern, lightweight, etc.

The harmonica is a fun, simple instrument used in a variety of musical styles, ranging from rocks and country to blues and folk.

The harmonica is easy for a beginner to pick up and make sounds with and it has a lot of room for virtuosity and expert playing as well. Kids will have a blast decorating and playing their personal musical instruments.

Perfect for playing a little music anywhere. Great for any level player.

Now gift your loved ones. Ideal for gifts and birthday presents. Comes in its original box.

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