Best Hosley Unscented Tea light Candles Set of 50

  • Hosley 50 Unscented White Tealight candles set.
  • To the best performance, always trim the wick to 1/8″ prior to each use.
  • Always use to burn in sight and on a heat/flame resistant surface.
  • Stay away from the things that can catch fire, as well as children and pets, keep out of reach.


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Tea light Candles

Lights that Guide your Home
This candles are very simple and unscentent which is use to decorate and light up your own home on any occasions. These come in containers which make them easy to use and carry. This candles are unscented so you can use it anywhere. It create a beautiful and delightful ambience when you place it anywhere.

The tealights come in a pack of 50. This is help to decorate and light up whole room in any occasion.

Ideal for all Occasions
This simple candles are perfect for any occasions. These can lit up your home beautifully and are ideal for weddings, parties, special events, spa and aromatherapy

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