Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Logitech MK215 Combo for Windows, 2-Year Battery Life(Keyboard),5 Month Battery Life(Mouse)

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Logitech

  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Logitech Combo:Reliable Logitech Wireless Technology: 2.4Ghz wireless keyboard
  • PLUG AND PLAY USB CONNECTION SETUP IS SIMPLE—you simply plug them into USB ports on your work area, PC, or netbook PC and begin utilizing it. All that works directly out of the container
  • EXCELLENT BATTERY LIFE:2 years battery life for keyboard and 5 months battery life for mouse, with two AAA batteries
  • HIGH DEFINITION OPTICAL MOUSE: You’ll appreciate smooth, responsive cursor control with superior quality optical following. The etched, able to use both hands shape feels great in either hand
  • SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY Viable with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows RT
  • IN THE BOX: Keyboard, mouse, USB receiver, 2 AAA batteries (console), 2 AAA batteries (mouse) and client documentation


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Logitech

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Logitech

Agreeable to utilize, light in weight, rich looks, this remote Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Logitech combo offers accommodation in plenitude. The Logitech MK215 Combo is a utilitarian processing embellishment that frees you from the problem of wires.

The 2.4 GHz remote innovation and viable sign beneficiary offers a better network while the minimized and space-sparing plan empowers the keyboard and mouse to be obliged without any problem. The ergonomic structure helps in composing precisely and offers the exact following. These embellishments are comprised of top-notch material that gives higher sturdiness.

The keyboard accompanies highlights like hotkeys and a preloaded battery that further lifts the dependability of this gadget. Hotkey component and dependable mouse, Better sign quality, battery and security, Effective structure, and simple setup. Eliminate any metal article between the collector and the keyboard/mouse that may meddle with gathering Try utilizing the mouse on an alternate surface. For any item related inquiries generously contact brand client care: 000 800 440 2450

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