Best 5 Egg Boil Machine At Affordable Price

About Egg Boil Machine

What is a better way to start a day than to have a perfectly boiled egg for your breakfast? A good quality egg boil machine can make boiling eggs a completely hassle-free task.

This article contains all the information about the best boilers for eggs. Read to learn further. 

Do you have a big family? If yes, then boiling eggs for meals every day might be a very hectic job for you. Do you ever wish to make this troublesome task simpler? Introduce a top-quality egg boil machine to make egg boiling a super simple chore.

Get your machine now and all your cravings for having an egg boiled to perfection will come true!

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Important factors

Take note of the following factors before buying an egg cooking machine:

Size – Select a boiler preferable to your daily requirements. There are multiple sizes of boilers for eggs available in the market. Some are single-layered and some are multi-layered. Pick the one according to your requirements.

Versatility – You should buy a boiler that can be used for boiling other food items too. This would increase your convenience. Furthermore, try to get boilers that are portable and can be easily moved according to your needs. 

Material – There are various materials used in the manufacturing of boiling machines. Opt for non-stick machines to ensure that your boiled egg comes out smoothly without sticking anywhere. 

Pros of using an egg boiler

You will find hundreds of good reasons to buy a boiler for eggs. Some of the significant advantages of using it are:

Perfection– you go for convectional methods for egg boiling, the result may always not be as per your expectations. Using an egg boiling machine will assist you in getting the perfect boiled egg for your meals. 

Conservation of time– Boilers are known to be excellent time savers. You can get superbly boiled eggs ready on your plate in a very short time. This would never be possible by using traditional boiling methods. 

Convenience– Undoubtedly, with the use of egg boil machine, your tasks become a lot more easy and smooth. Traditional methods include measuring water, setting the gas temperature and a lot more.

If we talk about modern-day boilers, everything can be done very promptly just at just one touch.

The 5 best egg boilers available in India

You will get plenty of options in the market but, you need to choose the ones with the most useful features and benefits. Take a look at this list of the 5 most efficient boilers available in India. 

1. Simxen Egg Boiler Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher

Simxen Egg Boiler Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher

The Simien boiler machine is superbly compatible with boiling, frying, and steaming eggs. You can even prepare delicious poached eggs with this boiler.
With a simple and attractive design, you will get multiple color options to pick from. The procedure to cook eggs with this boiler is pretty simple.
You need to add 25ml of water and wait for your eggs to be ready within minutes.


  • This egg boiling machine can boil 7 eggs at once 
  •  stainless steel and plastic body
  • Quick-cooking, approximately 10 mins
  • Indicator light to ensure safety and avoid burning
  • This machine comes with double heat protection

2. Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Kent Instant Egg Boiler

The Kent instant boiler is an outstanding product that induces fast and easy cooking effortlessly. This machine uses 360 watts of power to function appropriately and comes with a well-detailed description manual.
You can boil your egg the way you desire with this brand. 


  • 1-year warranty
  • Automatic-off feature to avoid overcooking of the eggs
  • An easy one-touch operation to facilitate smooth and effortless cooking.
  • Perfect for cooking hard-boiled, medium-boiled, or soft-boiled eggs.
  • Easy cleaning

3. NutriBullet Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker

NutriBullet Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker

If you are looking for versatile boilers, go for the NutriBullet Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker. 
It is a very handy and portable cooker that requires 360-watt power. It has plenty of useful features. 


  • This boiler can cook 7 eggs together
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Auto-off system
  • Free from noise and vibration
  • Multifunctional

4. Borisil electric egg boiler

Borisil electric egg boiler

This is one of the most efficient boilers available in India. This machine comes with a measuring cup, steaming bowl, and piercing pin to increase the convenience of the customers. You can use these pieces of equipment to get the most perfect boiled egg.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes with a brief user manual
  • Smooth and swift operation
  • 3 boiling modes are available to cook soft-boiled, medium boiled or hard-boiled eggs
  • You can even book vegetables
  • The Borisil Electric Egg Boiler body is made up of stainless steel

5. Wipro Vesta electric egg boiler

Wipro Vesta Electric Egg Boiler

Wipro Vesta boiler is of very high efficiency and durability. This boiler comes with a measuring cup, piercing pin, and steaming bowl and requires 360-watt powers to function with perfection. This egg cooker utilizes the latest technology to cook your egg superbly. 


  • 1-year warranty
  • Automatic shut down feature to avoid overcooking of the eggs
  • A one-touch operation to induce seamless cooking
  • This egg machine comes with three modes- hard-boil, medium boil and soft-boil
  • You can cook 7 eggs together with this boiler

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Q1. Are egg boilers worth the money?

Ans. Egg boilers are used for boiling multiple eggs at the same time. Boiling eggs manually takes a lot of time and effort, but thanks to egg boilers, the work becomes easier.

Egg boilers are undoubtedly extremely useful and are worth spending money on.

Q2. Can egg boilers boil vegetables?

Ans.  It is not necessary for egg boilers to only cook eggs. Some boilers with high efficiency can be used to boil Vegetables such as potatoes, lettuce, tomato, etc. 

Q3. Is Kent egg boiler safe?

Ans. The egg boiler from Kent is one of the most popular egg boilers available in the market. The Kent boiler is safe, and you can purchase it undoubtedly. 


Boilers can save an enormous amount of time and energy. Make your kitchen life simpler by including the perfect quality boiler.

Keep note of everything mentioned in the article and bring home the best egg boiler machine available on the market.

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