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Tea Cup Set

Tea time is an exceptional time of the day. Tea is like the fuel to the soul and so, you might never want to compromise on your special time, right? Having tea in a beautiful Tea Cup Set would undoubtedly plate your tea time experience even more.

Have a look at the best 5 tea sets mentioned in this article to bring home the best ones. To learn more about cup sets, keep reading.

Teacup sets are a popular gift item in India, and people have a different kind of likeness toward beautiful cup sets. Be it a marriage ceremony, birthday party, engagement event, corporate functions, or anything else, a gorgeous cup set acts as the perfect present. 

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Best Tea Cup set brands in India

clay tea set on wooden board

When using a cup set, or gifting one, you should always get the best ones. You would find endless cup set brands in the market. But, it would be best if you bought from the best ones to get the best experience. Have a look at the brands that excel in their quality:

Exclusive Lane – The Exclusive Lane is actually ‘Exclusive’. There, the tea set displays various forms of illustrative Indian artworks.

The cup sets from ExclusiveLane are usually ceramic coated, microwave friendly, and free from the harmful effects of lead. If you wish to make your kitchen shelf look incredibly vibrant and attractive, display a beautiful cup set from the Exclusive Lane. 

Cello – Cello is another beautiful brand, excelling in its quality of cup set production. This brand is known for its lightweight and affordable Tea Cups.

Plus, the cup sets are totally safe from scratches and are even microwave safe. If you want to go for a durable option, choose this brand undoubtedly. 

LaOpala – When we talk about the best cup set brands, it is impossible to skip LaOpala. This brand has earned a great reputation for a long time.

Their cup sets are elegant, classy, and lightweight. Moreover, the cup sets from LaOpala are colorful and durable.

If you wish to give a gorgeous LaOpala teacup set to your close ones, you can do that, undoubtedly.

Clay Craft – You can never go wrong with Clay Craft’s cup sets. They are extremely stylish, elegant, and flattering.

Moreover, they are microwavable and dishwasher safe. Mainly made from glass, plastic, and bone china material, the cup sets are extremely durable.

Buy a flattering cup set from Clay Craft to make your kitchen pantry look more beautiful than ever. 

Best 5 Tea Cup Set

1. Diva From LaOpala Sovrana Collection Opalware Cup And Saucer Set, (6 Pieces Tea Cup Set)

Diva From LaOpala Sovrana Collection Opalware Cup And Saucer Set-6 Pieces

If you are looking for an extremely durable and attractive cup set, choose this cup set from La Opala.
This is a Tea Cup set of 6 cups and saucers. With an extremely astounding design, La Opala offers a ton of features with it.


  • The capacity of 160 ml 
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Attractive designing
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Microwavable
  • Won’t chip off

2. ExclusiveLane Ceramic Mugs Ceramic Cups

ExclusiveLane Ceramic Mugs Ceramic Cups

You can opt for this exclusive cup set from Exclusive Lane to add extra exclusiveness to your kitchen table.
All your guests would be awestruck seeing this delicate and breathtaking Tea Cup set. This set comprises 6 cups and 6 saucers.
You can undoubtedly include this cup set if you have an artistic vision.


  • The capacity of 220 ml
  • Made from ceramic
  • Hand-painted
  • Creative outlook
  • Microwave oven friendly
  • Durable
  • Seamless finishing
  • Free from bone ash substance

3. Larah Borosil-Mimosa Cup set 12 Pieces

Larah Borosil-Mimosa Cup set 12 Pieces

This cup set would be a great gift item if you are looking forward to presenting this to your close ones.
Just not the design, but the features that come with it are incredible. Take a look at the features.


  • The capacity of 140 ml
  • Easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave friendly
  • Free from bone ash substance
  • Hardy
  • Elegant and classy look

4. Cello Queen Cup & Saucer 6 Pcs

Cello Queen Cup & Saucer 6 Pcs

Cello is a fantastic brand when it comes to cup sets. You can blindly trust the quality provided by Cello.
This tea set from Cello comprises 6 cups and saucers which are highly durable. It is made from Tuff German glass technology and is incredibly strong and sturdy. Bring home the Cello Queen Tea Cup set to impress your guests and family.


  • Microwave friendly
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Hard and durable
  • Temperature resistant
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Not at all heavy or bulky
  • Attractive outlook
  • Bone ash-free material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Recyclable Material

5. Clay Craft Basics Cream Style White Cup & Saucer Set of 12 Pcs 

Clay Craft Basics Cream Style White Cup & Saucer Set of 12 Pcs 

This cup set for tea from Clay Craft is a very classy option to go for. The pure white hue of this Tea Cup set gives it another level of stylishness.
The minimalistic design of this cup set never fails to catch the eyes of the customers. You will get 7 pieces of cup and saucers in this set. 


  • The capacity of 180 ml
  • Made of bone china material
  • Safe from scratches
  • Can be used eventually
  • Microwave friendly
  • You can wash it easily with dishwashers


Q1. What is an ideal teacup?

Ans. If you are an ideal teacup know that a perfect teacup should be durable, chemical-free, and non-porous. Cups that are not free of chemicals can cause health hazards. Always purchase cups that are free from harsh chemicals. 

Q2. What is the use of saucers?

Ans. Most of the teacup sets come with saucers to ensure that there is no heat damage. Placing the hot teacup directly on any surface can result in damage to that surface. To avoid that, teacup sets come with saucers.

Q3. Is the LaOpala tea cup set worth the money?

Ans. LaOpala is one of the best teacup brands you can opt for. LaOpala teacup sets are durable, sturdy, and worth every penny.


Teacups are an extremely crucial kitchen item that is found in every Indian household. They come in various designs, shapes, materials, etc.

We hope that this article could help you land your hands on the best quality teacup set. Go through this article to know everything about the best teacup brands and sets available in India.

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