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The statement is 100% right that no protein or powder is effective for the baby when it compares to the baby`s mother’s milk. Mother`s milk is very important for the baby to get the proper nourishment of all the essential vitamins to their body. But when we talk about the other healthy options to get all the nutrients is lactogen milk powder. It is a very good option to provide your baby with special nourishment of nutrients.

Every parent has a desire to fulfill all the nutrients that their baby needs and they are always worried about whether their baby is getting the proper amount of nutrients or not. But you don`t have to worry more because you have landed on the best place to get all the information about your baby’s nutrients to properly balance it. Proper nourishment is very important for the proper growth of the baby and sometimes due to lack of nutrients can lead to the disturbance of physical and mental health.

We have listed the top 5 lactogen milk powder to balance the proper nutrients for your baby. Let’s jump into the list.

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Lactogen 1

Nestle is the manufacturer of lactogen powder and lactogen 1 is manufactured for the baby of age up to 1 to 6 months. It states that it is a first stage lactogen milk power that needs your baby after they are born and can be usable for the next six months.

Usually, when your baby didn`t get breastfed you can use lactogen 1. Lactogen is a spray and dried milk powder with probiotics and contains whey protein to deliver all the necessary protein to the baby. Whey protein is a component of milk and it is manufactured by taking the baby’s digestive system because a newborn baby has a very poor digestive system so it must be digested properly by the baby.

It has all the ingredients that actually need you to keep your baby fit. When it comes to lactogen 1 price it is approx to 380

Lactogen 2

As we have discussed baby need time to adapt their digestive system to the new environment and it’s a very natural process you don`t have to worry about that because nestle brings lactogen 2 for your baby from their heart.

Lactogen 2 is made for stage 2 babies which are usually above 6 months and below to 1 years. It is also a spray-dried powder formula essential for the baby when they are not breastfed.

It has key ingredients like Milk solid, dried glucose, Sunflower oil, soya oil, and many more important ingredients. It is capable of fulfilling all the needed nutrients to your baby and stay them healthy.

Lactogen 3

Which have discussed lactogen 1 and lactogen 2 in the upper section and let you introduce to the stages and times suitable for feeding lactogen milk powder.

Lactogen 3 is spray dried and manufactured for the baby older than 12 months. It has all the power to win the baby’s diet because it contains whey protein in the form of milk components which is very important to supply proteins to baby bodies and is easily digestible. All nutrients are very to digest not only the whey protein.

Baby needs all the essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals for the growth and brain development of your baby. And all these nourishment provide lactogen powder because lactogen 3 contains more than 12 vitamins and minerals to easily fulfill the nutrients.

You can feed lactogen 3 if your baby is 12 months older and you think your baby is not getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals.

Lactogen 4

Lactogen 4 is a spray-dried Lactogen milk powder that is suitable when your baby passes 18 months and is acceptable up to 24 months. Actually, as the babies get older their nutrients intake also gets high so you have to jump on lactogen 4 to fulfill all the intake of vitamins and minerals usually when they are not breastfed.

How to properly feed Lactogen to your baby

  • Before feeding lactogen to your baby you need to properly wash your hand because it may contain bacteria in it and always use clean utensils.
  • Sterilize all the cooking utensils including the spoon and bowl.
  • Just boil the pure water for at least 5 minutes and leave it till lukewarm.
  • Take the proper amount of water as per your feeding amount
  • To use the exact amount of lactogen milk powder goes through the feeding table.
  • Always feed your baby with a bowl and spoon. If the food gets left discard it properly.
  • Use the proper amounts of spoon feed to tackle all the vitamins and minerals of your baby
  • Now you are all done is providing the essential nutrients to your baby.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is lactogen 4 good for babies?

Lactogen 4 is an infant milk formula that is very essential for your baby when your baby is 18-24 months older and they didn`t get mother`s milk properly. It is capable of providing all the essential vitamins and minerals to the baby.

Which milk is good for newborns?

Mother’s milk is very good for newborn baby and everyone states that there is no comparison of mothers’ milk. But if you have a problem is breastfed your baby you can use lactogen.

What are the side effects of formula milk?

It is stated that consuming a large quantity of formula milk may cause 16x higher chances to get your baby Pneumonia as compared to breastfed children. It may also cause Diarrhea, asthma, and food allergies.


We have gathered all the important information about lactogen to feed your baby properly and provide them with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Lactogen milk powder is known as a good feeding option for the baby and it is manufactured from the heart of nestle. But before using it for your baby take proper consultant with your doctor because it is very necessary to know whether it suits your baby or not. Hope we are able in providing you with all the information about lactogen powder and you liked our article.

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