About Small modular kitchen | Some Interesting Facts -2022

Small modular kitchen

Having a kitchen is just like a blessing to housewives especially in India women prefer to work for a long time in the kitchen rather than a male. Indian women love to serve their favourite food to their family members.

But all these happen if you have a kitchen space in your house it may be small or large but the fact is it has to be well designed so that the kitchen lady always has an attraction towards their kitchen.

If you are reading this post I think you are also blessed with a small kitchen space and all the time you get frustrated due to the inappropriate space in the kitchen. Don`t worry here, we will be providing you with the many practical ways to turn your kitchen space into a small modular kitchen.

Everything will be explained in a practical manner so that you can`t get any hesitation in reconstructing your kitchen into a simple small modular kitchen.

We have listed some of the trendy modular kitchen designs for small kitchens. So let’s jump into the list.

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Extend small cabinets up to the ceiling

Extending your small cabinets up to the ceiling means you are not wasting the space above your cupboard or small cabinets. And it is the best way to increase some space in your kitchen but always try to put the priority things in your kitchen if you have small cabinets.

The best part of the small cabinets is they can be installed anywhere such as towards the ceiling or even on the bare walls.

This will give your kitchen another height in storing your kitchen products. However, it may be a little difficult to clean those cabinets.

Add open shelves

Adding open shelves or increasing the number of open shelves lets you store all the frequently used items in your easy step. Adding open shelves is not so much expensive and the best way to make your kitchen look attractive.

You can use lots of space on the bare wall by adding shelves to them. You can easily showcase your dishware by having shelves so that every time you enter the kitchen feel welcome.

One of the trendy and budget-friendly ideas for a simple small modular kitchen if you are having small space.

Use plate racks

You can use plate racks to show the dishware of your kitchen which will be very simple for you to use and place on the racks. You can easily mount the plate racks on your walls.

Racks are making a big comeback for the small modular kitchen because you have limited space in your kitchen and if you are not using plate racks most of the space is occupied by your utensils and it gets hard to manage.

When we talk about the simple small modular kitchen then vintage plate racks can be among your choice to design and explore your kitchen.

Use induction cooktop

You all know that having a gas cooktop in your kitchen uses lots of space and makes your kitchen look quite bad. Induction cooktop or electric cooktop double up your space and make your kitchen look attractive.

You need to take some precautions while using the induction cooktop or electric cooktop.

Add a dining corner in your kitchen

Here we are assuming that your entire house has a lack of space including your kitchen and you didn`t try to separate out the dining space. The best option is to add two chairs to the walls which separate your kitchen from the living space. 

You can also use this space for meal preparations.

Install some decorative plants

This is a small and very effective trendy idea for small Indian kitchen design because the plants and the herbs in the pot have the ability to give green doses of feeling in your heart then why not in your kitchen.

You can decorate your kitchen space with the help of little plants and herbs which will add freshness and greenery to your kitchen.

Use smart kitchen appliances

If you are trying to turn your little space kitchen into a small modular kitchen then you must have to use some smart kitchen appliances which will definitely add a star to your kitchen.

You can use an induction cooktop and multipurpose appliances like a microwave so that you can make everything of your desire without countering lots of space.

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How do you make a small modular kitchen?

There are lots of ideas for a small kitchen design Indian style that has little kitchen space.

  • Install open shelves
  • Plate racks
  • The proper amount of light
  •  Dining corner
  • Mirrors in the kitchen
  • Smart appliances
  • Decorative plants

Why small kitchens are better?

Small kitchens are better because they don`t have lots of storage so always you have to store the proper amount of food and other material which results in lack of food wasting.

Small modular kitchens have small cabinets and a small refrigerator which get perfectly fits in the little space. If you have large kitchens or large refrigerators food get might be misplaced and sometimes it spoils.

How can I increase the size of my small kitchens?

You can increase the space of small kitchens not the dimension of the kitchen. Here in the guide of the small modular kitchens, we have listed some practical ways to increase the space of your kitchen and make it look bigger.


The kitchen is a basic need for every house. Some have large space kitchens and some have small space kitchens. But the kitchens need proper maintenance and some decorative idea to make them look glassy.

People are opting for many options for their simple small modular kitchen and trying to add a star but sometimes due to improper pieces of knowledge they fail. When we talk about the small Indian kitchen design they have a lack of budget to invest in their kitchen. So in order to provide them with a budget-friendly idea of modular kitchen design for small kitchen. we have prepared a list of trendy ideas so that at the end you can turn your kitchen into a small modular kitchen.

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