Best and Amazing Dell laptops i5 at Best Price-2022

Best Dell laptops i5

Dell Laptops i5 is designing the finest laptop for the working professional and for business. Dell is one of the top-rated multinational companies of America. Especially known for its performance design and its speed. It is more durable than any other brand and can handle all the toughest tasks which you want to do with this laptop.

Dell laptop i5 processor is suitable for every low-budget user or small business because dell provides its i5 processor at the most affordable price. So most of the users always try to go with the Dell brand because it is affordable and power packet of everything in it including processor, battery, speed, performance, and much more.

The dell laptop i5 6th generation and power ram and support high storage device to give your smoother experience in your work when combined with windows 10 operating system.

If you are a student, businessman, and many others and searching for the best dell laptop i5 processor must visit the end of the article because here we have inserted some top Dell i5 laptop by seeing is performance and peoples rating which will be best in price and performance.

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List of Top 5 dell i5 laptop

Dell Inspiron 3501

Dell is providing you Inspiron 3501 with an 11th generation intel core I5 processor in a very low price segment.

It has a display of 15.6 inches full HD display to give you the best visual experience embedded with anti-glare technology to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emission.

Dell has 4 GB of ram and 256 GB of solid-state drive through which you can smoothly create docs, design and many offices work with a single laptop.

The Dell i5 is a multitasker and will not hesitate you in doing lots of multitasking once in a time.

Dell provides you with a very classy design by manufacturing their laptop thin and lightweight.

Anti-glare displayNo backlit keyboard
Integrated graphics cardStorage not expandable
LightweightAverage battery life poor

Dell Vostro 3400

This laptop has a brilliant full HD display panel and offers you more and variety of colors for the best screen experience.

Its battery charging capacity takes this laptop to another level because Dell says that through this laptop you can charge your battery from 0% to 80% within an hour so that you didn`t get tired while your laptop is on charging mode.

Dell Vostro 3400 is an 11th generation intel core i5 processor with 8 Gb of ram and 1Tb of internal storage. The storage is quite amazing so that you can store all your important documents in a single drive.

You can tackle all your load with the intel processor and it will give you easy access to doing all your hard tasks.

If you are worried about security then let me tell you it has a commercial-grade security chip embedded in the motherboard to protect all your password.

Led backlightBooting issue
Compact and light-weightAverage battery backup
Powerful processing

Dell 15

If you need a good performer laptop which is high in speed and can perform all your hard tasks without a lagging dell 15 May inspire you.

11th generation intel core i5 processor enables you in multitasking your work which is packed with 8GB of ram and 256 Gb of a solid-state drive.

The laptop is very responsive and quite better in performance to make comfort in your work.

A built-in webcam enables you in tackling all your clients and family members on a single screen. Fast charging capacity up to 80% in 1 hour.

Its full HD display with anti-glare technology provides comfort to your eyes and reduces low blue light emission.

All in one it is a power package of performance in it.

8 MB cache speedCharging time 4 hours
Free upgrade to window 11Heat problem
Lift hinge design

Dell Vostro 3405

Just look at the design of the dell Vostro it will make your eyes a little higher with its look. Not only that it has a very interesting look it also has uninterrupted performance.

It has a brilliant full HD display with more brightness to enhance your viewing experience with a large size display and has a narrow border on the screen.

It can tackle all your work with a powerful AMD processor and has a commercial-grade security chip to protect all your documents.

8 GB of ram and 512GB of solid-state drive enable you in collecting all your documents easily without having any problem with its storage size.

Also has an anti-glare display to give your eyes the best experience with its low blue light technology.

AMD Ryzen processorBrightness may be an issue
WVA display
Best security

Dell 14

Dell 14 is a very thin and light laptop and is available in platinum silver color which looks very classy and professional.

Dell i5 wants to drive the best technology in human progress and provide you 8 GB of ram and 512 GB of solid-state drive to make all your work smoother and full-on fun.

Specially used for processing and multi-tasking.

Like other Dell core i5 laptops it also provides a full HD screen with anti-glare technology to take comfort in your eyes.

Window 10 with lifetime and free upgrade to Windows 11.

Intel Iris Xe graphicsAverage battery backup
Highly secure

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Is i5 good for the laptop? 

Yes, the dell core i5 processor laptop may suit you most because it is most friendly on budget. Dell i5 is called a decent laptop for the family man if you wish to work by entire family members. You can also play games on dell core i5 laptops.

What is the i5 processor good for?

I5 processor is good for multi-tasking your work and storing it in huge quantities. You can easily handle all your toughest tasks in the dell i5 processor.

Which is better i5 or i7?

Definitely, core i7 will be better than i5 because it has better multi-tasking than the dell core i5. You can do lots of high-end tasks with an i5 processor. But we can`t say i5 is worse it also has a high potential package for users


Here we have picked up the top 5 dell laptop i5 processors by doing lots of research and gaining the people’s reviews on the selected brand. Dell is gaining popularity and has the ability to create a huge crowd for their brands. Dell is providing almost everything and always updates themselves when in need and provides access to all the new technology and innovations to the people. When we talk about its performance it is always interested in providing better performance through its brand laptop. Always eager to bring the latest technology to the market.

The list contains some of the Dell Core i5 laptops Price which is affordable in price and all the provided information is taken from its official site and can be updated after some time. So being responsible must cross-check the updated feature and its specification. Hope you liked the article and desire to read more about it.

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