MI TV Stick

Best Online Mi TV Stick For Your Smart TV-2022

Mi TV stick

Xiaomi’s Mi tv stick is an android tv OS-based video streaming device that converts a non-smart television into a smart television or any television into an android television.

Mi TV stick

Mi is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung. It is also a large appliance maker, producing televisions, flashlights, consumer electronics and related software, home appliances, and household products.

The Mi TV smart stick is inexpensive and can stream in full HD. It is a small device but it also supports all of the major Google Play Store apps.

Many people still use non-smart televisions. Mi stick gives your device streaming content at just a reasonable price.

The Mi TV Stick not only has an HDMI port but can also be connected to an old CRT television. 

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With this Mi Fire TV Stick, turning your TV into a smart TV is a breeze.

Your viewing experience is elevated to the next level with a user-friendly interface, Full High Definition, built-in Chromecast, Voice Search, and access to hundreds of entertainment OTTs.

This Mi TV stick is powered by Android 9.0, is simple to use, and provides a wealth of content for the entire family to enjoy.

Thousands of apps are compatible with it, giving you access to a lot of premium video providers as well as a constant stream of fresh new content.

Mi TV stick

This Mi Firestick supports worldwide language and offers a 1080p HD streaming media player output resolution.

This Xiaomi Mi TV Stick comes with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and 8 GB of storage space. Compatible with high-definition and ultra-high-definition televisions. A 64-bit quad-core CPU with high performance.

Dolby Audio and DTS audio codecs provide high-definition sound. User-friendly with voice search, so you can search and navigate your favorite content with your voice.

In India, this Mi fire tv stick price is 2999 rupees and has a 4.2 rating out of 5 stars. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Benefits Of The Mi Fire Stick are:-

Using a Mi firestick has various advantages. This device, in addition to being able to stream video from a variety of platforms, also allows you to connect to Alexa, and therefore to all other smart home devices.

Mi TV stick

Alexa can play your favorite program, play music, show you security cameras, and so much more.

You can also use your Mi Fire Stick to control your TV from elsewhere in the home by connecting it to an Echo speaker.

You can watch video content on-demand from your favorite apps without having to pay for cable with a Fire Stick.

If you already have a membership to a streaming service, integrating the Mi stick into your television can help you get more out of it.

With this firestick, you have the option of creating up to six profiles, including one for your children. You can also limit your child’s profile.

Advantages of the Mi tv stick are

1. Easy installation

The flexibility to install and run the latest apps from various streaming sources is the key advantage of the Mi Fire Stick. 

2. Discover thousands of movies and tv shows in one place

Stream your favorite films, television shows, and video games. One can either utilize the Netflix app or go to Youtube.

Everything that is available online can be viewed through Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any other website.

3. Small and transportable

It is portable, so users can take it with them wherever they go. It is smaller, easier to transport, and less expensive.

There is no lag. Even for those who are not tech adept, a firestick is a good choice. It has a wide range of functions that are ideal for all types of users.

4. Voice control

Voice control is available on the Mi Firestick using Google Assistant. The firestick TV cube may be used to make Alexa video calls.

5. Plug and play, out of the way

The small form fits nicely behind your TV and plugs directly into an HDMI connection. Move the Mi Fire TV Stick between TVs at home or on the go to take your content with you.

6. Enhanced audio clarity of Dolby Atmos

Immersive Dolby Atmos audio on soundbars and home audio systems brings scenes to life. Whatever you are watching, Dolby Atmos moves sounds all around you.

7. Convenient TV control

With a single control that includes power, volume, and mute buttons, the Fire TV Stick streamlines streaming.

The Mi Fire TV Stick offers rapid app launches and Full HD streaming.

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Q1. Does the Mi TV Stick work with any TV?

Ans. Yes, as long as it has a free HDMI port and you have a WiFi internet connection at that place, you can use it with any TV.

The stick is powered by a micro USB charger and plugs into an HDMI connection.

Q2. What is the price of the Mi Fire TV Stick?

Ans. The Mi TV Stick was released in India at a price of Rs. 2799. According to a tweet from Mi TV India, as part of the Mi super sale.

It is now available for pickup at a price of Rs. 2400 from mi.com, mi home shops, and the company’s retail partners. 

Q3. Can I connect Bluetooth headphones to the Mi TV Stick?

Ans. Yes, the device featured a Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connection, therefore wireless headphones and speakers can be used with Mi TV sticks.

Furthermore, you may easily connect a wireless joystick and play a few simple games.


We hope that you liked this article. Mi TV Stick by Xiaomi turns your regular television into a smart television.

The Mi TV stick costs a respectable amount of money and can stream in full HD. The Mi TV Stick has a user-friendly UI, Full HD resolution, built-in Chromecast, and Voice Search.

It’s a little device, but it supports all of Google Play’s big apps. Your watching experience is elevated to the next level.

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