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buy musical instruments

  • Hand Kartal built-in wood and chrome-plated brass.
  • Hand Kartal Size: Height- 3.5 inches x Length- 10 inches x Width- 1.75 inches, Net Wt.: 0.13 Kgs.
  • Hand Kartal can be used in puja-bhajans. (Wood color may vary)Shipped in 24-48 hours.


Buy Musical Instruments

buy musical instruments

Kartal is a hand percussion instrument from India. This Kartal pair is another form of manjira or hand cymbal.

Buy Musical Instruments

This Kartal pair is consists of a wooden structure with two long, straight handles that attach each other with two short wooden handles.

The open place between the long handles has a wooden separator that separates two rows of three brass cymbals.

There are also little symbols fixed into wood blocks forming other types of instruments.

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