Juarez Guitar JRZ250 One Handed Trigger Guitar Metal Capo Quick Change for Ukulele, Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Black-Guitar Good Sound

Juarez  Guitar

  • Perfect building and sound – Made from lightweight high-quality zinc alloy. Strong, padded, spring-action grip. Tight on the strings and no more fret with this high-performance capo.
  • Designed for – It fits perfectly on electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, bass, folk guitar, and mandolin
  • Easy to bend and use – to change between super fast freights. Quickly and easily released and released with one hand without disturbing the tuning
  • It does not create any drawbacks or fret- high-quality silicone pads will protect your equipment against damage. Steel Spring with Internal Memory. It puts just enough pressure on the instrument
  • High Performance – Tune stays at all stages with great intonation. Steel spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue opposition.


Juarez Guitar JRZ250 One Handed Trigger Guitar Metal Capo Quick Change for Ukulele

Juarez  Guitar

Design: Metal Capo
The Juarez Guitar JRZ250BK is on the Capo platform for really fast changes. Easily applied and adjusted with one hand, it is a spring-loaded design that is uniformly at home in the guitar and can be easily parked at the headstock when not in use.
Whether a Western guitar or an acoustic guitar, the trigger capo refined adjustment means that only the right amount of pressure is needed to hold the strings.
Simple and easy to use, the guitar stays in tune with great ease.

Juarez Guitar Hand Trigger

  1. Made of alloy, strong and durable.
  2. Elegant, concise, and curved shape design, fits Guitar and other musical instruments well (choke, banjo, bass, mandolin), the excellent hand feels.
  3. Quality steel spring with internal memory that stands with wear and tear.
  4. Quality silicone pads conform to the fingerboard and frets can ensure good sound and avoid scratching and instrument protection.
  5. Excellent structure based on mechanics principle design, easy to open, but can persist strongly and easily.
  6. Weight: 60g.
    Package includes:
    1 x Juarez Guitar JRZ250BK Capo

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